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Idea 2 Startup [Digital]

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Total Book Pages: 310

Launching a startup is a RIDE – full of highs and challenging lows. Nobody said it would be easy, but the rewards are worth it. In Idea 2 Startup: Edition 2, I've packed over 300+ pages with everything I've learned to be your roadmap for this journey.

We'll dive headfirst into: unearthing that lightbulb idea, testing it rigorously, deciphering confusing legal structures, pursing different types of funding, crafting a brand that resonates, and building an team.

This isn't just theory – it's infused with my own hard-won lessons from launching 2 startups over the past 5+ years. Expect strategies, the kind of real talk that motivates you through the tough spots, and enough practical tools to transform your idea into your ideal business.

Inside The Book:

Each Chapter has Several Sub-Chapters

  • Identifying your Idea
  • Brainstorming Like a Boss
  • Validating your Idea
  • Defining your Business Model
  • Funding your Startup
  • The Lean Startup Method
  • Defining your Target Market
  • Market Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Creating a Business Plan (Includes Template Layout)
  • Branding your Startup
  • Marketing your Startup
  • Naming your Startup
  • Understanding Legal Business Structures
  • Preparing your Launch
  • Sustaining Profitability
  • Embracing Challenges
  • Quizes & Worksheets

Includes WeWork full $500M Pitch Deck

You will get a PDF (17MB) file

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